Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shop 'till You Drop

Black Friday - in the US of A - means the biggest shopping experience of the year. The day after Thanksgiving, and before the weekend is the start to the holiday shopping frenzy. From here until Christmas there will be no more stop. No mercy. No escape.

Drooling consumers in anticipation of their shopping fix (photo: Samsung)

How to survive this ultimate consumer orgasm? Check for example Samsung's Black Friday Survival Guide and you get a rough idea how much Americans love to spend money on consumer products. Most amusing to me are the multiracial women on the header stock photo, all glowing of anticipation what satisfaction they will enjoy. Ok, there are some men too, but you can hardly see them.
And since nothing works without battery driven gadgets with little screens anymore, just get the heck your Black Friday Survival apps and more helpful hints like "eat well" or "stay focused". Never a bad thing, eh?