Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only in New York

Aaaah, this city is wonderful! Stories over stories. And they are just awesome. The numbers of good New York blogs is too high, but here some good picks:

Only in New York
The category in the City Room Blog of the New York Times covers the uniqueness of this city quite well. Written by Sam Roberts, who also published a book titled “Only in New York: An Exploration of the World’s Most Fascinating, Frustrating and Irrepressible City”. Also available as Podcast. Lov'em? Here are some more NY related Podcasts (German description site though.

The Bowery Boys
Of the many New York based blogs, this is one of the more interesting historical approaches. With Podcast and Podcast archive from their 1st year.

Finger Painting @ the New Yorker
Jorge Colombo sketches New York scenes, using Brushes, an application for the iPhone.

New York Minute Show
This nice website takes full advantage of Google maps, YouTube videos as well as audio podcasts & video podcasts.

But the master of them all really rules. No gatekeeping by mainstream media, just pure and utter reality. If you ever doubted that Nu Yawkas are a pretty special breed, here's the last proof: The Best of Craigslist New York

And for consumption right now, here is Carolyn London's "The Lost Tribe of New York City":

Monday, November 09, 2009

I ♥ New York: Straight ahead

New Yorkers don't fuzz around. They are often straight ahead and outspoken. No time for silly games. This one I saw in SoHo. Thanks, bro, and have a nice day.