Saturday, September 24, 2011

On Seafood Watch

Pescavores, how cool is that? One of the apps I always missed is here now - the Seafood Watch app which can tell you what is responsible to eat and what would be better to avoid. It even proposes alternative fish to look for.
The included "fish map" tells you where to get sustainable fish just around you, at fishmongers and restaurants alike. The app includes a sushi section and keeps you up to date with health advisories issued by the Environmental Defense Fund, scientific reports and even seafood recipes.

Great, thanks, Monterey Bay Aquarium!

NB: Though it seems to be a quite impressing database, I found some smaller quirks:
- Bluefish, for example, is alternatively named horse mackerel. Surprised by that I entered horse mackerel in the search mask and landed (correctly) at bluefin tuna.
- The map lacks a distinction between fishmongers and restaurants. There are NO fishmongers in my neighborhood (check zip codes 10003 and 10009), but way to many restaurants. But it doesn't recognize the millions of fishmongers in Chinatown either.
- The app is pretty wishywashy about which businesses are elected to be on the fish map. Just if at least one "good" fish is being served brings your restaurant/fishmonger on the map? That can't be it. "Sustainable" means more to me.

Nevertheless I love this app, quite helpful.

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