Sunday, November 02, 2008

Self Irony

Isn' it remarkable, that parts of the battle about the next presidentship take place in a comedy show? Not only would the US system of selling a candidate on TV be unthinkable in Europe, this year's campaigns go to the extreme. Never was so much money spent on the campaign. Hardly ever so many Americans will probably cast their ballots, hardly ever this election is seen as a crossroads for America. And certainly never we had so much (involuntary) fun with the candidates.

John McCain is still fighting, but certainly doesn't lack a self irony. After Sarah Palin he also stepped onto the stage in Saturday Night Live. Is this is a qualifying statement for president wannabes? You decide. On Tuesday. Anyway: Enjoy.

McCain sells us some stuff on a shopping channel

McCain unveils his change of strategy just the weekend before the elections

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